Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Anurag is 3 months old in this picture. The dress was a little too big for him. He looked so cute! I used Pazzles Inpiration to cut the Circle and the scallop Circle, the title and the pumpkins. I still need to figure out a better way of doing the scallop just do a scallop circle border on pazzles. I hate to waste the inner circle. Its anyways going to get covered! Cutting out the pumpkins was fun! I had to redo the green vine a few times, as it was tearing. I adjusted the paper thickness and speed settings and got it eventually. I used stickles to dress up my pumpkins! I had a lot of trouble with the ribbon. I still haven't found a glue which will hold it in place. Suggestions are welcome! I totally love violet and orange together! What do you think?

Happy Halloween to Everyone! Have Fun!


Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...


This is adorable! Is there a way you can cut a circle out of the middle of your scallop circle with your Pazzels. If not, I would take my craft knife and go about an inch of the way in where it is going to be covered, and cut the middle out to save it. I don't like to waste paper and I will find ways like that to save pieces that are large enough and worth saving. I have seen a ribbon glue at Hobby Lobby, but I have never tried it. I have some other glues I will give a test (if my brain can remember long enough!) and report back to you!

Keep up the great blogging. My blog is so hit and miss! It is something I used for a few months when I did a message board that didn't have a gallery and it was how I could show a couple of friends what I was doing. Then last year I did a few blog hops. I liked doing them because they gave me an incentive to get something done by a certain time. But, the lady who was putting them together stopped doing them. Now, I have done a couple of things to use it to post to during our Fiskateer challenges as to not take up the gallery, and the Fiskateer blog hop was my last post!

Hoping to have lots to share from next week's AZ US of F crop!

Jan Hennings said...

awww! How adorable!