Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Finally I got it!

I spent hours..HOURS trying to create and cut the text on my card! It is a very intricate, delicate font! I saw the video on how to do this in Klo's Classroom. The video was just over an hour. I probably saw the video 10 times to get this right! I have been working on it for a week. It was tearing the paper, tearing the mat....just not going right! I finally started all over again today and figured out how to cut intricate and delicate fonts on my pazzles! My mat is a different story all together! It looks like it has been through thousand cuts :P.I was so exhausted that I even cut the mat instead of the paper!
I cut the birthday cake on pazzles too. It is a file from the pazzles craftroom.

One more new thing about this card is the Stitching! I sew on the card with my machine! I found it difficult to control the speed and go in a straight line! But I love the results..I need to practice sewing on paper...rough paper this time ;) wasted 3 cards!
Added some twine to the card.
It is probably the hardest I have ever worked to make a simple birthday card! But I learnt a lot about the inspiration software. It was fun!


Tifany said...

Looks great, Viji! The wording is beautifully cut (even if it did take a long time) and the stitching looks great, too. I need to get out my sewing machine more for crafting.

I just noticed the Fiskateer blogroll on your sidebar. If it is just for Fiskateers blogs, would you mind adding mine?

-Tifany #5942

Cath said...

Fun card, Viji! :)

Craftulous said...

Great job, Viji :)

So if you don't mind sharing, in the end what was it that made the difference between cutting correctly and tearing? Was it just a matter of changing the settings?