Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I finally used my sewing machine!

I have had the sewing machine for 5 years! It has been sitting on the shelf and looking all pretty;)

We have decorated Anurag's playroom in Transportation Theme. All I needed was a pair of curtains with cars,trucks and trains. I looked in the stores,looked on amazon and found one I liked! They were 100$!!! I was like now that is a ridiculous price. I decided that I will just have to stitch one! My singer is an auto threader and I had difficulty threading it the first time ..way back in 2006. I never tried it again...just had a HUGE mental block! Anurag's baby sitter showed me how to thread it recently. We measured the window,cut the cloth and I finally stitched the curtain all by myself! I am so happy..more importantly Anurag loves it! I had some cloth remaining, so I stitched Anurag a pillow cover..he totally loves it! I made one more pillow cover with basket balls,soccer balls etc! He loves sleeping on his pillow. It costed $30 for the cloth with the backing! I got 2 panels, 2 tie wraps and one pillow cover out of it and a huge smile from Anurag :-) So totally worth it!

I used to stitch dresses when I was in college on my moms hand operated sewing machine. I am enjoying my machine now:-) I need to figure out how to stitch on paper! That would be awesome!