Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Anurag's First Haircut!

I love doing the first layouts! They are so special. The first bath, solids, haircut, out in the stroller! So many stories to tell...I love double page layouts..you can get so many pictures on them! I usually don't print pictures smaller than 4X6. I try to crop them to a 4X4 if possible. Although, I am thinking of printing them at home in the future. So I can get different sizes. My layout is based on a sketch by Allison Davis. I forgot all about the certificate he got after his haircut. So as an after thought, I just added that to the layout. I usually pull the colors of my pattern papers based on the colors in the photos. That way they go well together. So, If the picture has a lot of yellow. I won't be using too much yellow based pattern paper. Just a bit, but try to bring out the other colors from the picture and one or two bold colors. I like to focus on the photo and not the papers. To select pattern paper, I would put my photos on the pattern papers and see if I get distracted by the paper or not. I hope you like my layout!