Saturday, June 9, 2012

DIY Washi Tape

After testing my tapes for acid levels, I decided to make my own tape. These are obviously not original washi but these work just the same. They can be torn and used. They are semi-transparent just like washi. These are very thin as well.

I got two products to make them.

1) I got the Miracle tapes from Viva Las Vegas Store. Do check them out! They have a value pack of Miracle Tape in various sizes. That's what I got. It is double sided. It is acid free. They are good for variety of uses not just to make washi tape. I am very happy with the quality. I am sure to get more when my stock runs thin, which btw is really going to take some major washi making spree as each tape is 55yards long!! The price is very reasonable compared to other brands out there.

2) The other thing I got is the Lineco Acid-free tissue paper from Amazon. These are the kind which go behind art work in galleries. I got the white of course. Good quality. Of course, you can use tissue tape from dollar store or any other place, but then the whole point of making it acid-free is lost! You get a whole lot for 14$ on amazon. It will last you a long time.


I stamped, colored, water colored and ended up with so many designs! I looked through my stamps and found some very nice ones! I made a quick photo tutorial for you to see!

Here are the results!

I had made one more batch of washi tapes before these ones, I thought I had taken a picture of them! I used them up on my project life pages.

 It is fun to stamp and make your own washi tape. I am loving the process! Hope you liked what I made. Come back and visit me later if you want to see them on my project life pages.

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Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...


I'm so glad you shared about your blog post on the message board! You did a really nice job covering the topic! Your tape turned out really well. I haven't played with washi tape yet, but I hope to soon.
Thank you so much for sharing what you have learned along the way!

Anonymous said...

I'll add a comment. Thanks for sharing and recommendation.

Sue in CT said...

Fantastic! I love the look of it and to make your own colors to go with your own projects....what can be better! Gotta go....going to order some. TFS

sandyh50 said...

These are great Viji! Thanks for sharing!

sandy #4165

Suzi said...

What fun! Love your cool variety!
Suzi #5563

Suzi said...

Love your cool variety! Thanks for the fun tutorial!

Jakki said...

very cool

Lisa Haiss said...

Thanks for sharing! I might have to try this out.

Kumarendra Mallick said...

Lovely. The concept and the layout along with he execution are too good. Enjoyed going through your book. Thank you.