Friday, April 20, 2012

My Camera Stamp!

I have been wanting to get the Love Struck stamp set by Amy Tangerine cause I totally love the camera stamp. So today,( now that I have blown my budget for two months:D LOL ,dont ask how! You will see that in the next post!! ) I decided to make a camera stamp using pazzles! This is a pazzles image to which I added the heart. It came out super cute! I am totally proud of myself! I watched two of Klo's(she is amazing!) videos and finally tried it. I did waste some stamp rubber due to wrong cuts. Cleaning the path took some effort. But I got it! I am sooo happy with it! I actually wanted the heart to be colored in..but forgot to give the inner line for the heart, it still looks alright. I can always toss that little heart out and just draw it in myself when I stamp, or write numbers/words in the lens.

I plan to clean the stamp with baby wipe and try sanding it a little more, so I can get a crisper and bolder image. Going to bed with a big smile :) Hope you like it! Thanks for visiting me!


Siddharth Mallick said...

Nice...hope u slept well after burning some midnight oil :-)

Joanna said...

This has turned out great and such a cute image.